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Ronda Rouse earning some much needed points back.

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    All respect aside, a man is built completely different than a woman, from the way our minds work to the physiological way we preform. Putting a man vs woman in any light of a fight is unfair. The man would dominate the woman. Not a sexist remark it just is what it is. Rhonda may come back to fight but I don't see it going any other way. She just has her number
    There's nothing I'm afraid of like scared people.
    - Robert Frost


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      Originally posted by bolsen View Post
      Because she claimed she could beat every guy in the UFC. Then had the audacity to claim she would beat Mayweather. She's full of crap. She fought nobodies and allowed those wins to inflate her ego. She believed her own hype too much. I had no idea that Holm was a 20-1 underdog. The first time I saw her fight I thought she would dominate Rousey. She's not a real champ and doesn't have a champions mindset. She said if she loses again she's done fighting. What a coward. She only liked it when she was fighting bums.

      Even Mayweather proved he was more of a class act than she was when she got beat. And for Mayweather's name to exist in any sentence with the word "class" in it is crazy. She's a total dipshit.