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Ronda Rousey's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Bodypaint Feature!

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    Originally posted by Toddbz View Post
    Metal scientist, more or less
    Cool as fuck. I like metal.

    Read loads about the iron industry in Wales and lived in Sheffield UK which was a major English forge town until it all died. I pulled steel rods from a couple of the old mega sites on old trailers. Also stainless coils.

    A lot of the Welsh moved to Pennsylvania for the steel when it got skinny at home.
    Confirm what I already know


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      ^^^I killed that conversation stone fucking dead.
      Confirm what I already know


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        Don't know much about bodypaint but i supose she had someone paint her vagina and butthole,right?


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          Originally posted by Vin77 View Post
          Watch the Holly fight, Ronda was grossly out of shape compared to Holly. Holly was shredded and trained her ass off while Ronda was going on late night talk shows, doing modelling and trying to act.

          I could watch this fight everyday and never get tired of it. I hope Holly beats her into retirement during the rematch.

          yes she was out of shape for that fight how does that make her chubby, and taking such joy in others failures shows a lack of character in yourself. she lost, all champions have. trying to tear her down to make yourself feel better about your very painful average existence is sad.


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            Why doesn't she ever take ass shots?


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              So many tough keyboard warriors up in here!


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                Such a deity.
                Where and how do you get girls like that ? 'cause I sure don't see any around


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