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    Ben Zeidler: Hey Ken.
    Ken Shamrock: Hey, what’s up?

    BZ: Can you tell us a little bit about what it’s like to watch your son fight? The Gracie's have been multi-generational for a while, but I think you’re the first of the true new MMA stars to have his son compete. What does he feel as a father, as a trainer, as a promoter when your son goes into the cage?
    KS: You know, everyone was asking me if I was going to be nervous and I honestly didn’t know. But when it came for the fights of my nephew Jeff and son Ryan, I was calmer than when the fighters I train fight. I knew that they’d been to the fights before and knew what to expect, and I’ve been doing this for a while. I know what the worst thing that can happen is. I just felt comfortable out there…I don’t know, maybe when they get on a bigger stage, it will feel different.

    BZ: Frank has openly stated he's willing to fight you. Is the feeling mutual for you?
    KS: Do you want the complete and honest truth?

    BZ: Yeah, let’s hear it.
    KS: Frank is the kind of guy who will only fight someone if he thinks he can beat them. He won’t fight me unless he talks enough crap that he gets pushed into it by the fans. He might even price himself out of the fight just to get out it. He’s done that before. He walks around saying he’s the Lion’s Den guy and this and that. He was probably my third best guy when I was training them all, behind Bohlander and Mezger. Also, Frank has problems against people who can take him down and he knows I would take him down. Look at his fight against Renzo! I can knock him down and punch him out. He’s my brother and all, but don’t think for a second that I wouldn’t fight him.

    BZ: You’ve had a long and storied career. What’s the biggest win?
    KS: The third time me and Royce fought. They called it a draw but he had to be carried out at the end. Everyone knew who won.

    BZ: Yeah, usually if you get carried out, it means you lost.
    KS: Royce knew he was in trouble with me and that’s why the Gracies put in the time limit. They knew what was up. Royce would’ve been a part of the mat if they didn’t do that. But I do have great respect for Royce, and if it wasn’t for me and him, the sport wouldn’t be here.

    BZ: What’s your take on this Randy Couture situation? Couture says Dana White lied to him when he said he's the 2nd highest paid athlete in the organization-
    KS: (interrupting) Dana White did that to me!

    BZ: So is Couture right to suggest that the UFC is lying? Does this sort of thing happen all the time?
    KS: It’s a real shame what happened to Randy and he wouldn’t lie about what the UFC did to him. There are a lot of good fighters and good people out there, but Couture is special. He’s the guy you want your kids to watch fighting. There’s toughness, a will to win, and a certain professionalism that he brings. He just does things right. I know him as a person inside the organization. I don’t know his outside personal life, but he wouldn’t lie. For an organization to do that to a guy like Randy tells us a lot about their character.

    BZ: Can you explain how the UFC screwed you?
    KS: I’ve been getting this sport on top of the world since it began. Most of the highest gated events had my name on them. And before it was me and Tito, it was me and Royce, and before that, me and Severn, and before that, me and Kimo. This is a billion dollar industry and for me to get it where it’s at then cut me? This is like in the NFL where all the players who made the game so popular get screwed out of benefits because they just don’t want to pay for their investment in the sport. All those guys were out there on the picket lines saying that the sport was inhumane and we stuck with it the whole time. We fought through that. And then people like the Ferttitas and Dana are making all this money off of us. We had people call us animals and stand up against us. We went through all that and stayed because we love the sport and now they step on us and say we don’t belong?

    BZ: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with the IFL?
    KS: When I heard about the IFL, I loved it right away. I love the idea of team fighting. In the earlier days, it was way more team oriented and people would jump in thr ring after a win and go crazy and cheer. You always had that team following you. MMA has gotten away from that and the IFL brings it back. Now, the teams are always together, working for a goal. Everyone is getting benefits for winning and at the end of the day the best team gets rewarded with a ring. Even better if your team isn’t good, your best guy can go to the Grand Prix and win a belt. There’s really an option for everyone. The only problem we’ve run into is that teams don’t stay together due to injuries and other factors. I’d say that the concept is good, but the sport needs more consistency and rules.

    BZ: Who are some of the best guys on your squad?
    KS: John Gunderson has a really good shot at that Lightweight belt. Pat Healy in Welterweight is very promising. And Roy Nelson, our Heavyweight, has a great shot at that belt as well.

    BZ: Maybe Randy will follow you and get his own IFL team now that he's gone from UFC. All the former UFC guys seem to be doing that these days.
    KS: Randy has a lot to give back and he chooses that path, I’m sure that he would not have a lack of guys who wanted to be on his team.

    BZ: Are there any sponsors that you’d like thank?
    KS: You can go to the site and see it all there.

    BZ: Do you have anything to say to your fans?
    KS: I’m training and I have some things fixed and I’m back fighting. There are some fights out there for me and I’m looking forward to getting 2 or 3 more before retiring. The UFC breached my contract with one fight remaining, but that won’t stop me. I’ll be fighting next year so look for it.
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    Awesome. Simply awesome.

    Loved what he said about Randy. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It's one thing to hear it from us, the fans. But to hear it from someone like Shamrock, who doesnt give props easy, is simply beautiful. Thanks Ken!

    And thank you again, UG!
    "Life is about choices: tap, nap, or SNAP!" ~ Future UFC Lightweight Champion Marcus Hicks


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      Ken rocks!
      I riff em all on phat' bottom string - making it clear who's the real Kerry-King


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          The Best of Ken Shamrock

          [ame=""]YouTube - Ken Shamrock highlight[/ame]
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            Interview With Ken Shamrock: Thoughts on Randy Couture, Dana White, Upcoming Tryouts

            Heavyweight champion Randy Couture isn’t the only UFC Hall of Famer who’s had a falling out with UFC President Dana White.

            Before the UFC legend abruptly resigned from the UFC earlier this month, Ken Shamrock had his own issues with UFC management. After working to become the biggest name in mixed-martial arts — and becoming perhaps the first MMA superstar to get the sport international recognition — his relationship with the UFC soured to the point of being essentially nonexistent today.

   recently caught up with the MMA trailblazer to discuss his thoughts on Couture’s resignation, his own problems with the UFC, why a rumored fight with Michael Bisping never worked out, and even his open fighter tryouts he has set for Thursday.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: You’ve spent as much time with the UFC as just about anyone else. What was your reaction when you first heard the news that Randy Couture resigned from the UFC?
            KEN SHAMROCK: It didn’t surprise me because of what they did to me. I basically sold my body to them. I mean I fought hurt all the time — and I got paid, of course… (UFC management) seems to think that the UFC is everything and that it doesn’t have to respect anybody. The guys who built this sport are thrown outside — the guys who were there before Dana White got there. Dana’s not a fighter, and he’s not a tough guy, and he walks around talking to people, treating people with disrespect, talks about people’s managers because he doesn’t like them. Randy Couture was an absolute gentleman in the sport. Myself, and Royce Gracie, and other people who developed the sport before Dana White ever got in there, he treats them like dog crap… The fans need to understand that the money that they’re putting into the UFC and spending is going into Dana White’s pocket and the Fertittas’ pocket. They made billions of dollars on this company, and they’re selling souls.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Kind of along those lines, I know Dana’s been quick to call it a retirement, though Randy’s saying it’s absolutely not a retirement. Did you go through that too? Did you feel like they were trying to force you into retirement?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Absolutely. I mean that’s what everybody keeps asking me, ‘When are you coming out of retirement?’ I’m not retired. If I’ve ever seen a bully in my life — and I’ve seen a lot of bullies and I don’t like them — the UFC’s a bully. They push little organizations around, they talk bad about people that don’t march… in a line that they want them to march in. It’s just the way that they treat people man, it’s just sad, and the money that they’re making is going to them and not the talent. It’s the talent that is making them who they are. They’re not making it themselves; the talent is. But yet, they seem to think that it’s them. Randy Couture is a gentleman, a stand-up guy. For Dana White to say that he slapped his manager — and to think that Dana White is a promoter — what promotor goes around talking about someone’s talent whose made them millions of dollars and say that they slapped them? How immature is that?

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Why would the UFC be so quick to turn its back on Couture — or you for that matter?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Well, it’s like this. I mean, yes, I was injured and I had a lot of things going on with myself, but I went in and fought anyways, and I lost. But, the things that I’d done prior to that, even when I was losing, I was selling more tickets than they had ever sold before. I was promoting the event, I was promoting the fight.. and there was absolutely no respect toward me as a person and as an employee of the company that did all this for them — none whatsoever. I’m not talking about the money. I’m just talking about the way that you’re treated. When this happened to Randy, it didn’t surprise me because they don’t have any respect for the talent. The only time they have respect for (fighters) is when they’re talking to their face and they have an event to do.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: After your final fight with Tito Ortiz (Oritz vs. Shamrock III in October 2006), did you tell the UFC that you wanted to keep the door open for a return?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Well, the UFC breached my contract. I had one fight left on my contract, and they just told my agent and my attorney that they were terminating by contact for no reason.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: This was right at the time of that fight?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Yeah, saying that my quality, my level of fighting can’t compete in the UFC. Buddy, they knew I had some injuries that I needed to let rest for a little bit so that I could come back and perform better. But the fights were coming back to back (in July and October 2006), and I was being put in these positions to where I had to fight. So, I did the fights. I had one fight left on my contract, and I wanted to make sure that this last fight that I had on the contact — that I was able to go in and be 100 percent. And then they cut my contract, which obviously is a breach.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: This past summer, there were some rumors of you possibly fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 75. What happened there? Had they talked to you about that?
            KEN SHAMROCK: They never talked to me, but they talked to a reporter, and they talked to my agent and said the fight was offered to me. And then they (spun) it as if they never offered that fight. (Dana White) straight out lied to my agent — straight out lied to my agent — because he told a reporter and he also told my agent that that fight was offered if we wanted it. And I jumped at it because I knew, when they offered it, I would crush (Bisping). I saw him on ‘The Ultimate Fighter (3).’ He’s a good young talent. He’s going to be great one day, but he’s not where I’m at.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: You had mentioned that the UFC terminated your contract. Were they talking about a new contract for that Bisping fight?
            KEN SHAMROCK: No. Like I said, I can’t go too much into that because we could have an ongoing process here.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: A lawsuit?
            KEN SHAMROCK: I can’t go into it. It was definitely offered and they did breach my contract. I had one fight left. So, I mean, it’s Dana White thinking that he created the world, and everything in it, and he created the human race, and people should bow down to him and do what he says and be happy with it and like whatever he says.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Obviously, you deal with a lot of young fighters, real prospects. If one of the guys that’s under your wing came to you and said he was thinking about signing with the UFC, what would you tell that fighter?
            KEN SHAMROCK: I would say absolutely do it. It’s a dream. I mean the UFC is a dream for fighters to be involved in. I was very fortunate to be the first champion, the first superfight champion in the UFC, the first heavyweight superfight champion, and you know, I was part of the history of making it where it’s at today. And I know that there’s a lot of young kids coming up wishing they could be there fighting because it is the SuperBowl of fights right now. I would tell them, go for it. Just because Dana and I — or, I should say Dana has a problem with me because I don’t have one with him; I have a problem with what he has done to me and the disrespect towards me, but I don’t have a problem with the UFC. The UFC is a great place for fighters to go and fight. You just have to be careful how your contracts and different things are being done so that you’re not going to be hosed in the end because, unfortunately, the things that have happened to me and have happened to other fighters — and now to Randy — kind of tells you the tall tale of what goes on behind the scenes with the organization and contracts and the way they treat their talent. So I would say, yes, definitely follow your dream. Just make sure you got somebody there to take care of you and make sure that you’re not being hosed.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Do you think Dana White sometimes acts more with his heart than his head?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Yeah. One of the issues that Dana White has is the fact that he wants to own the universe. He doesn’t want anybody else to come in there and have competition, and he’s (said) many times that ‘I’m going to crush that organization’ or ‘I’m going to crush that person. They don’t need to F with me.‘

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Has that happened with you?
            KEN SHAMROCK: This is what caused Dana to let me go — because he had a vendetta with the International Fight League because he felt that they had stolen concepts or fights, or personnel of paperwork, or something. He tried to sue them. He lost in court, and that pissed him off. So, then I was going to put an IFL team together (in 2006) where I was going to be a coach, which was not against my (UFC) contract. There were no rules that I couldn’t corner my fighters in the IFL. I was going to go in the IFL and bring a team so some of my fighters could get some fights under their belt, get some exposure on TV because they weren’t going to get it with the UFC. They just weren’t there yet. So, Dana White tells me that if I go with the IFL, that he will not use me. I was like, ‘But I have a contract,’ and he said, ‘I’ll rip it up.’ I mean I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I thought well OK, I’m going to respect his wishes right now because I don’t want to ruffle the feathers and maybe he’ll get over this or whatever, so I did my thing later on and promoted my own shows, and then I put the team together. I get my fighters out there, they’re getting TV exposure, and Dana White cuts my contract. He cuts my contract and doesn’t give me a reason why. Obviously we know why. That’s personal. It’s nothing to do with business… He was pissed off because he had some employees who went to work for the IFL. And he said this to other people about the IFL that their scumbags, that they’re no good, and that they’re thieves and he’s going to crush them and that if anybody works for them, they won’t fight in the UFC. That to me is absolutely ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. It’s like saying he’s going to bitch slap Randy Couture’s agent — like he’s going to fight Tito Ortiz. What is this man doing?

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: You know the industry as well as anyone? Will the UFC ever have any real competition?
            KEN SHAMROCK: I just want people to really understand that Dana White is not the driving force behind the UFC. I know everybody’s going to say he is and put him out in the front because he’s the guy that’s going to get… the shaft if anything goes wrong, but it’s (Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta) really behind the UFC… Anyway, organizations that are going to come up and have to compete with them are going to have to have deep pockets, and they’re going to have to bring in big talent. They’re going to have to go in there and do what Dana White is doing to everybody else and buy up the talent. They’re going to have to go out and spend a lot of money, get that talent locked up and put on their event. Dana White went out and bought all the talent. He’s crushed everybody that’s tried to come up because they have the money to do it, so it’s going to take somebody with a lot of money in their pockets.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: I’ve got to ask. Are we going to see you fight again any time soon?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Yeah. I just want to be part of a company that’s going places and treating fighters the right way. No place is perfect because all organizations are going to have issues. But you want to go somewhere where you want to put in your blood, sweat and tears — a place that respects the fighters and the fans.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: So you don’t feel the UFC is that type of company? They don’t reward that type of loyalty?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Well yeah. The track record shows it. You’ve got how many hall-of-famers in the UFC? How many are still there working or doing something with them? Dana White has forced them all out. He doesn’t want them there.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: You make a really good point.
            KEN SHAMROCK: Any of the UFC guys that are in the hall-of-fame are not there. Why is that? Every organization — baseball, football, boxing, you name it — when you’ve got a guy that’s made billions of dollars… they’re working for them. There are opportunities there to get a job in those sports. (The UFC) has nobody. They have pushed them all out. These are the people that built the organization, not Dana White. These fighters did.. They sacrificed family time, and they sacrificed their personal-life time. They got paid; we made money no question. But money does not give you a right to disrespect and sell them out and treat them like dirt. That doesn’t give you a right to do that. (Dana’s) done that to everybody that has built that organization and has brought it to where it’s at now. Dana White has turned his back on them.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Let’s switch gears and talk about your new gig with the International Fight League. You’ll be coaching a team. Can you tell me about the upcoming tryouts?
            KEN SHAMROCK: We’ve got tryouts on (Oct. 25), and it’s to be on the Lion’s Den Team and also the IFL Lions and also we have team fights overseas, so we’re looking for people that want to join our teams because we have lot of spots open. We have a lot of events going on, so it’s a great opportunity for any young kids out there who are looking to break into this business. We’re looking for talent in all weight classes.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: What kind of fighters are you looking for. Veterans or youngsters?
            KEN SHAMROCK: We’re looking for both. We’re looking for guys that can jump in and get it on right now. We’re also looking for guys that are just starting out in the business that we can grow and build into champions.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: Even if they don’t have a whole lot of experience, you’ll still consider guys like that?
            KEN SHAMROCK: Yeah… I promote shows where guys have no fights, or they’ve only had about four fights, and also a range of guys from who have gotten a lot of fights. We would definitely give them experience in the ring. If they have the talent, and they have the desire to be a champion, man, we can train them.

            MMAJUNKIE.COM: What was it about the IFL that made you want to get involved with them?
            KEN SHAMROCK: I liked the concept of it where you got five guys going in different weight classes and they’re all training together. Each fight depends on whether or not you’re going to move into the next round and be able to compete for that final championship at the end of the year as a team. So, everybody works hard depending on each other. It’s a real camaraderie thing, they really bond, and they start working well together. And also, anybody on any team who is undefeated or has done well gets the opportunity to compete for a belt at the end of the year and individual belt in each weight class — the Grand Prix. So, it’s a real good concept.
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              Man I loved that last interview............

              And Im starting to hate Dana White.
              "Life is about choices: tap, nap, or SNAP!" ~ Future UFC Lightweight Champion Marcus Hicks


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                Ken Shamrock looked like he purposefully lost to Rich Franklin, it was then I doubted this man and his integrity!


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                  Originally posted by hitten View Post
                  Ken Shamrock looked like he purposefully lost to Rich Franklin, it was then I doubted this man and his integrity!
                  WTF did you just say................ Are you serious??????? Oh Lord (Randy) please dont tell me the UFC fixes fights now. No.........I cant take that, no.

                  "Life is about choices: tap, nap, or SNAP!" ~ Future UFC Lightweight Champion Marcus Hicks


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                    Originally posted by Ninja Loco View Post
                    WTF did you just say................ Are you serious??????? Oh Lord (Randy) please dont tell me the UFC fixes fights now. No.........I cant take that, no.

                    My heart says I am a idiot to think such a thing" brain says "believe what is so obvious!"

                    My fortitude says "everyone should watch the fight and judge for yourself!"


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                      Good interviews.


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                        Ken Shamrock Sues The UFC

                        Since exiting the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2006, Ken Shamrock has stayed quiet about his departure from the organization, but with Randy Couture’s recent resignation, the former “Ultimate Fighter” coach has now voiced his displeasure with the promotion as well and says he is also involved in a lawsuit against them for alleged breech of contract.

                        Shamrock was released from his contract in 2006 and moved on to coach a team in the International Fight League, but according to the UFC Hall of Famer, it was not by his choice. He is seeking legal action because of his forced exit from the promotion.

                        “The fact is, we have a lawsuit going on right now,” Shamrock stated in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio. “They released me from my contract. I had one fight left. Now, we’re going to go after them for the damages and that’s why I couldn’t fight. I couldn’t fight because I was holding up to my end of the bargain with them. Then they turn around and didn’t hold up to their end of the bargain because they released me from my contract illegally, they breeched my contract, I am now open and ready to fight.”

                        He went so far as calling out UFC President Dana White for deceiving him in the past and believes he did the same thing to Couture.

                        “I do know from experience that Dana White says things, he lies,” Shamrock stated. “He lied to my agent, he lied to me, I know he’s lied to other fighters. If it’s anything like what happened to me, he basically just straight out lied to Randy.”

                        He also discussed his departure and how he had expressed his unhappiness before the release ever happened.

                        “I know when I had my problems with the UFC, I voiced my opinion and people weren’t really hearing it,” said Shamrock. “It just goes to show the things I was saying are true. They’re willing to do what they did to me, a guy that helped build their company, and then turn around and basically say ‘you’re out of here,’ breech my contract, turn around and do the same thing to Randy Couture, who is winning.

                        “I was hurt. I was injured and needed some time off to recover. I wanted to fight some more and they basically released me with no excuse or anything at all. They’ve done it to Tito Ortiz. Even though Tito has a bad attitude, Tito’s done a lot for that company and they treated him badly.”

                        Still awaiting a deal to make his return to fighting, Shamrock states that the fighters deserve the credit for the success of the UFC.

                        “They don’t make the show,” he said of UFC management. “They’re not the ones out there getting their heads beat in, and training, doing all the hard work. It’s the talent. For them to treat the talent that way, it’s a bad, bad sign.”

                        With his release and subsequent lawsuit, Shamrock is currently shopping for a new fight contract and hopes to compete again in early 2008.

                        With Shamrock’s statements looming, White spoke very candidly with MMAWeekly in response and told the facts as he sees them about Shamrock’s return to the UFC in 2002 all the way to his exit from the organization in 2006.

                        “Ken Shamrock has been gone from the UFC for a long time now. He’s been with the IFL and I think we all see what’s going on over there, so now Ken is stirring up some (expletive),” said the UFC president. “First of all, I have never disrespected Ken Shamrock. It has been the exact opposite actually. Inducted him in the Hall of Fame, brought him back, think about this…

                        “I brought Ken into the UFC to fight Tito after Pride cut him after losing to Don Frye. Before that Ken beat a guy named Sam Adkins, whose record is seven wins, 19 losses and two draws.

                        “So when Ken comes into the UFC, he has a ton of financial problems. We help him clean up all his financial problems. He fights Tito and loses and then we help Ken fix his knee. We get his knee rebuilt … So now we’re sitting around thinking we invested all this money in this guy, we have to find somebody this guy can actually beat. So we get him a fight with Kimo. He beats Kimo. Then we get him a fight with 185-pound Rich Franklin. Ken gets knocked out in the first round. He leaves the UFC, goes back to Pride and gets knocked out in the first round by 185-pound (Kazushi) Sakuraba.”

                        White continued, “I still bring him back into the UFC as a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter” season three. He actually comes out looking like the (expletive) bad guy against Tito! Which is amazing. I don’t know how you (expletive) that up.

                        “So at the end of the show he has to fight Tito again. He gets knocked out so bad in the first round of this crazily hyped up Tito fight that the fans are actually pissed off. So I have to go back and make a third fight cause I think it’s the right thing to do, make good for the fans. So Ken gets another huge payday to fight the same guy over again for a fight that should have never happened again. Ken’s last 10 fights, he’s three wins and seven losses and he’s lost four fights in a row.

                        “The last time Ken Shamrock beat anyone even considered in the top ten was 13 years ago, in 1995, when he beat Dan Severn. This guy thinks that I (expletive) him? Give me a break. Nobody wants to see 43-year-old Ken Shamrock get beat up again.”

                        After reading Shamrock’s comments, White was caught off guard by the former UFC fighter’s words towards him and the organization that has featured him over the years.

                        “Now, I have never ever dissed Ken Shamrock,” White stated. “I actually always liked Ken and Ken and I always got along well. Where he’s coming up with this crazy (expletive) … he must be broke again.

                        “I’ve never said anything negative about Ken. So for Ken to come out of left field with psycho craziness and that I’ve lied to him and I’ve done this… I made Ken Shamrock a multi-millionaire again. I guarantee that didn’t happen over at the IFL.”

                        During his interview with MMAWeekly, Shamrock mentioned that he was involved in a lawsuit against the UFC due to his contract dispute. White says that is incorrect.

                        “Is he in a lawsuit with the UFC? No. His attorney sent a half page letter to us, which we’re responding to right now.”

                        With all the controversy surrounding Randy Couture’s recent exit from the UFC, White also talked about the differences in dealing with both the current UFC heavyweight champion and Ken Shamrock.

                        “Randy Couture has made millions of dollars with the UFC. But Randy Couture is the type of guy who has stepped up and performed. I mean Randy Couture has pulled off amazing things in this sport,” praised White. “He’s an incredible athlete, an incredible fighter, he’s an incredible human being. The things that he’s accomplished just make people go, ‘Wow, holy (expletive)!’

                        “The guy’s 44 (years of age) and fights like he’s 24. Ken Shamrock is 40-something and fights like he’s 50-something. So for Ken Shamrock to ever be chirping… I have made Ken Shamrock a millionaire. Me and Randy Couture helped make each other money. Big (expletive) difference.”

                        White also stated that he is tired of defending himself against every person in the industry that has harsh words for him.

                        “It’s like every time some guy’s going to pop up because he’s mad at me, what am I going to do? Keep running out here and making (expletive) statements?” he stated emphatically. “Keep running around and making statements every time someone says something bad about me? Listen, at the end of the day, I know exactly who I am and I know exactly how we treat our fighters. I can’t run around defending myself all the time.”
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                          Ken Shamrock & His Lawyer Set The Record Straight On Their Position With Zuffa & Dana

                          The war of words between Dana White and Ken Shamrock has intensified, as Ken and his lawyer Rondney Donohoo sat down with John Pollock of Fight Network Radio to discuss what went wrong with the UFC why he's suing, and to answer Dana White's claims to, in his words, discredit him.

                          Shamrock On His Dispute With Dana White And The UFC:
                          Well, I’ll tell you what happened was one, I talked to Dana White when I was fighting with Tito Ortiz on the Ultimate Fighter show and let him know there was an opportunity to get some of the Lion’s Den fighters some fights on the team concept in the IFL. Dana kind’ve flipped out on that, saying he was gonna squash them and kill them, and that they’re nothing but scumbags and he was gonna crush ‘em. And it just kind of took me off guard, and he was very upset at them. And I guess he took them to court and lost a lawsuit to them, so he was pretty upset about that, because he thought that they had taken some things from him or whatever, but they were found innocent of all that. So, I told him, “You know, it’s not like I’m fighting and it’s not against my contract to coach my fighters on a show.” And he said, “Well, if you do that, even if it’s not in your contract, you will never work for us again.” Which I thought was kind of a threat - it had no bearing on my contract and that he was just trying to push me around. And at that point, I went ahead, and - because I didn’t want to cause a problem at that point in time - I went ahead and said, “Alright, I’ll just wait until I’m done with the fight with Ortiz.” So, I finished the fight with Ortiz and then I went ahead and coached in the IFL. At that point, Dana White decided that he was going to go ahead and breach my contract and cut me loose.

                          Shamrock On Recent Comments Made By White Directed Towards Him: Since that time, there’s been words exchanged back and forth. Dana White - and I’m going to prove that today - Dana White only says things that is going to benefit him and hurt others. And they’re not even factual - it’s just things that he makes up and that he says. The last interview that Dana White did was an interview to basically hurt me and put me down and hurt my credibility, and were completely, completely lies. And one of them was, Dana White said that Randy Couture makes money for us and Ken Shamrock does not. Well, I have facts sitting here right in front of me. And I don’t want to go around throwing bad names or saying that he’s lying or this and that. I want to give facts. So that people understand that Dana White only fabricates stories to make himself look good and hurt other people’s credibility. And one of the facts are right here, Dana White says that Ken Shamrock did not make money for the UFC, but Randy Couture did. And Randy Couture is a great man, but for Dana White to say that about me, the facts are right here: Shamrock-Ortiz I, UFC 40: One-hundred-and-fifty thousand Pay-Per-View buys - double what Zuffa had done so far at that time, the highest in ‘96. Shamrock Vs. Ortiz II, UFC 61: Seven-hundred-and-seventy-five-thousand Pay-Per-View buys, second-highest UFC Pay-Per-View to date in history. Second-highest - no sports Pay-Per-View in history was first until De La Hoya and Mayweather. Ultimate Fighter 3 averaged 1.7 for season average. For other seasons is 1.2. That included Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell - two of their biggest champions, we still outdid them. So now Ken Shamrock and Ortiz III - rated top out of 5.7 million viewers during 9:30 to 9:45 period making it the most watched UFC event in the promotion’s history up to that date. Now, what Dana White was saying was that Ken Shamrock did not make money for the UFC, but Randy Couture did. He knows these facts. He knows what I just quoted off. He deliberately lied to hurt my credibility. He knows these numbers. This is a fact - this is not throwing mud around, this is a fact: Dana White throws mud around trying to hurt people. He uses the “F-bomb” to cover up his insecurities. He walks around using the “F-bomb” because he’s not a tough guy, and by saying the “F-bomb” he thinks that people think he’s tough.

                          Shamrock On Why He Was Cut:
                          There is no other reason. I mean, there is no other reason for him to do that to me when I’m making these guys lots of money. And then they turn around and cut me because I’m coaching a team? And which is not against my contract. The fact is, Rod can explain a little bit more of that because he’s on the line too.

                          Shamrocks Lawyer, Donohoo On The Situation:
                          Well, there are a couple issues. First of all, there is no controversy - assuming that Dana is going to tell the truth - there is no controversy as to why Dana let Ken go from the UFC. Ken had a two-fight deal, he fought one fight. Dana White called me himself when there were rumors that he was going to fight Michael Bisping, and I had that on good authority that he had, in fact, entertained that. He then turned around and said, “No, it’s completely untrue.” And he told me personally - and I assume Dana White’s going to confirm this - Dana White told me in a personal phone conversation that I had that he no longer wanted to do business with Ken Shamrock. For one reason: And that was because Ken Shamrock was a coach in the IFL. That was the only reason given - he was very, very clear in his words and there’s no controversy there at all as to why he cut Ken Shamrock. Certainly, it is not … allegedly that Ken did not make the UFC money is a lie by the fact that Ken has just said for. That is just absolutely ludicrous. The reason, according to Dana, was that Ken was in the IFL. As far as the agreement was concerned, Ken was absolutely permitted to manage and coach a team in the IFL. That was provided for in connection with Ken’s agreement with the UFC. So, that was not a violation of his agreement. Dana’s done this because apparently he did not like his decision, and you’ve already heard what Ken had to say as to the reasons he felt that Ken should not be with the IFL. It was apparently very personal to Dana.

                          Donohoo On Shamrock's Contract With The UFC: The gist of it is this, is after Ken’s second Tito fight, a new agreement was entered into. And under the terms of that agreement, Ken had a two-fight deal. The Ortiz-Shamrock fight number three was the first of those fights. Ken was supposed to receive another fight within a year’s period of time. That did not happen. Instead, Dana eventually cut Ken from the contract. When we requested a second fight, he denied our request and instead terminated Ken because again, he was upset that Ken went to the IFL

                          Shamrock On Fighting Hurt Vs. Tito Ortiz:
                          I had to live up to the obligation with the Tito Ortiz fights, to go through with these fights and go do them. And, then, that last fight, I was going to have an opportunity to go get my shoulder fixed, come back and fight and be able to go at a hundred percent. I was fighting probably at seventy-five percent - probably less than that. But, I went in and did the best I could. And Dana White knew this. And then he goes out and calls me names, like I’m forty years old fighting like a fifty-year-old. He knew what my situation was. He knew the position that I was in. And he knows that it could have been fixed and I could have came back and I would have been better.

                          Shamrock On Dana Telling Couture That He Can't Resign From A Contract:
                          See, he’s doing exactly what he’s telling Randy he can’t do. He’s not honoring a contract. Randy Couture had had specific verbal communications with Zuffa and Dana White. Things that he was going to be able to do, and they lied to him. So, it’s not like Randy’s not holding up to his end, because I believe he is. I believe that he’s been swindled. That’s my opinion. I don’t know anything’s for fact on that. But knowing Randy Couture - and I know him as a person - he has always been a stand-up guy. He’s always taken on fights. He’s always stepped in and done what the UFC’s asked him to do - and even more than what they expected him to do. So, for what they’re doing to him, and saying what they’re saying he’s doing, I don’t believe it because of what they’re doing to me. They’re not honoring the contract that they signed with me. And I honored every bit of that contract - even through injury, I still stepped in and did what I was supposed to do, thinking that I would have an opportunity to come back and make up for it.

                          Donohoo On Upcoming Legal Action Against Zuffa: Well, unfortunately, it looks like that’s exactly where we’re headed, and that will be fought in the court, not the media. That isn’t the intent for Ken to come on the air. It’s just unfortunate that he’s sort of had to resort to this. We requested professionally and formally once again that they honor the agreement or that they compensate Ken. We received a response with yet another position - a completely new position - that we were relayed to us by Hendrick of Zuffa, is that, “No, Ken retired.” And there were statements that Ken had retired. Of course, it was very clear with Dana White that Ken had announced at that time that he would be retiring. At no time - at NO time - did Zuffa ever exercise any option during any period that Ken had not fought, and exercise an option to go ahead and suspend or terminate his contract based on retirement. In fact, it was very clear - very clear - to Zuffa that Ken, in fact, after he had his incessant things taken care of - specifically surgery - he was ready to go, he was very anxious to fight, he looks fantastic. He’d asked repeatedly for a fight, he was active at that time. At no time prior to that was that contract terminated. Now they’re hanging their hat on an allegation that Ken had retired and did not want to fight. And third of all, of course, the best defense is a good offense. They actually - if you can believe this - implied that Ken may be making defamatory statements for which he’ll be held responsible. Which I find very ironic, given the fact that Dana White is the one who’s come out and I think the record will speak for itself as to what Dana’s said numerous times about Ken and about others on the air. It seems to be his M.O. to, quite frankly, trash people.

                          Shamrock On What He Wants From The UFC:
                          I’ll tell you what I’m looking for right now. I’m looking for UFC to step up to the line, sit down, and start talking - and stop acting like children. Because what they’re doing … this is a multi-billion dollar business, and they’re acting like they’re in high school or kindergarten, and they just broke up with their girlfriend. I was a big part of their business in helping them make money. And they completely turned their back on me. And of course I’m angry. But you know what? I’m also a man, and I can sit down at the table and discuss things. But these guys have no intentions of doing that. The fact is, Dana White would rather go on the air and trash me and try and make me look bad and try and hurt my credibility, rather than step up like a man and sit down and let’s work this thing out. Because one, they’re hurting two people that have been a big part of UFC history, and one of them is myself and one of them is Randy Couture. And what they’re doing is they’re hurting the sport and they’re hurting the people who built this sport. They didn’t do it themselves, this is what we call a “team”. They did their part, we did our part, and everybody should be holding up to their end of the bargain.
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                              lol dana actually has a point lol ken shamshit hasnt won a fight against a contender since randy couture had hair...sham will never beat any1 decent....hes failed to evolve becoz of his ego.and shamshit comparing his situation to randy is like comparing dog crap to caviar!lol