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    UFC lightweight Roger Huerta is trading the cage for the soundstage. reported in December that the Minnesota resident had re-signed with the promotion for five fights, but Huerta and his management on Friday said a career in the entertainment business would be the new priority.

    Although he had fully intended to re-up with the UFC, at the eleventh hour, Huerta determined that the time that needed to be allotted to both careers was too much to manage concurrently. He still has one fight remaining with the MMA juggernaught – and he intends to fulfill that commitment – but will make acting his career path.

    Huerta said his role in the upcoming film “Tekken,” as well as the encouragement of those close to him, opened his eyes to the new endeavor.

    “I had done that whole Tekken thing and I really wanted to pursue that even more, but basically me getting into movies and film was really intriguing to me,” Huerta said. “I realized how hard it was also.

    “At the time, I was really too busy with fighting, but I just had a change of heart, where everybody kept telling me, ‘you should probably do some modeling, and they’re like ‘you’re very young, so why don’t you pursue that?’ Eventually, it started getting in my head. I figured, why not?”

    The popular lightweight said he would continue to train and take the last fight on his UFC contract when it was offered. Huerta's obligations with the promotion end in April of 2010.

    “Fighting is still in me,” he continued. “I’ll still honor my last fight with the UFC, as soon as they tell me when to fight.

    “Actually, I would kind of like to fight in April, the Montreal card, cause a lot of the Canadian guys want me to fight on that card. So it’d be kind of cool if I did that. In the meantime, I’m doing other things.”

    Huerta's management says they support his new path, which recently blossomed with a three-picture development deal from Lion’s Gate Films.

    Those "other things" Huerta mentioned, along with acting, include other avenues of creativity while he awaits his next fight.

    “I’m writing a book about my life,” he said. “I thought it was time to do that. It’s been very therapeutic for me putting that out there. There’s a lot of things I leave out in interviews, but why not just do this now?”
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  • #2
    I guess that ass whuppin he took from Florian made him re-think his career options OR as Dana would say one of those "Hollywood Fucks" got to him. LMAO!!!!!


    • #3
      I think it's cool he's getting into other things - he's got a lot of potential, and not everyone has that level of versatility.


      • #4
        Im pretty sure Dana will give him shit fights for the remainder of his contract. Dana hates when someone isnt fully into his organization.


        • #5
          im all for fighters persuing other projects{i.e randy...tito..chuck..anderson..there legends..heurta isnt in there league!!!}...after theyve acheived good things in the ring..cage..but heurta seems to be suffering from a slightly over inflated ego..he was doing good things in his mma career..but he wasnt top of the food chain as far as fighters go...hes no bj penn..florian...sherk...hel fail on the acting front and modelling front...and realise where his breads best then he may just have burnt his bridges...the loss to florian seems to have been took badly!


          • #6
            if tthe money is there and he has a chance then fair play! it will give him a chance too improve his mma game too.


            • #7
              hows training Gov?
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              This Post May be found offensive & may contain offensive material, consider yourself advised.


              • #8
                good buddy, had the flu for awhile tho so that effected it. a few fights coming up so training hard!