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Severe acne

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  • Severe acne

    I posted this in Dr. Colkers thread so thought I'd ask both staff physicians...

    Doc I have severe acne on my back and have been to multiple physicians including two dermatologists and no one seems to be able to make it go away. I am 38 yrs old with a long history of aas usage and i have never been that guy that breaks out no matter what i did. Now this breakout has been going on roughly 16 months. Everything seems to help a little at first but nothing finishes the job. i am currently on doxycycline. Any ideas, medicines, techniques or anything? I am very desperate! This has ruined my life, especially my love life being that I'm single. Thanks...

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    Accutane is CLEARLY the path you need to take. also had severe acne on shoulders and back..will hope on accutane soon.


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      maybe food allergy
      maybe dairy

      Originally posted by bolsen
      Whatever you do, don't take a screenshot and post that pm...


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        I know the feeling. My acne has got to the point were im in constant pain. Finally getting acutane, but not sure exactly when as i need my bloods doing first.
        So coud be worse for you mate, Back acne is on a scale on 1-8 here in the UK, Im level 8! so as bad as its possible to get. Chest is on a scale of 1-10 and im 7, so bad but not as bad as it could be.

        Cant wait for it to be gone for good. Good luck with getting yours sorted