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Blood Work Help - High Prolactin after 4 months post PCT?????

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  • Blood Work Help - High Prolactin after 4 months post PCT?????

    hi doc,

    my prolactin is high almost 4 months post pct. below are my blood work results.

    TSH 1.68 range 0.30 - 5.50 mU/L

    Follicle Stimulating Hormone 2.2 range 2.0 - 18.0 U/L

    Leutinizing Hormone (LH) 4.7 range 2.0 - 18.0 U/L

    Prolactin HIGH 98.5 range 4.0 - 15.0 ug/L

    Estradiol 82 < 156 pmol/L

    Testosterone LOW 4.0 Range 8.4 - 28.7 nmol/L

    Testosterone Bioavailable Calculated LOW 2.7 Range 5.0 - 18.0 nmol/L

    Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 14 Range 13 - 71 nmol/L

    my prolactin is high, and test and test biovailable are both really low too. now this makes sense because i HAVE ZERO libido and its frustrating.

    my cycle was heavy on sustanon, deca(npp) and anavar.

    my pct was pretty pathetic too since all i could get was nolvadex which i ran for 30 days at 20mg and some tribulus at 4g a day.

    i was fine on cycle, but started to suffer libido mid way and now its almost non existent i still get semi erections when i wake up but no desire during day.

    i saw the doc and he said hes not too concerned said to wait it out and retest after 6 months, said i don't need dostinex to bring it down and most likely the cause is past AAS use.

    he also doesn't think its prolactima?? but will refer to endo for more testing something about adrenal glands/kidneys testing and also doesn't think its my mild dose of cipralex at 5mg which i started 30 days ago for mild anxiety.

    1. should i take dostinex?

    2. should i do a more aggressive pct, with hcg, clomid, nolavdex

    3 should i rerun a short test cycle to boost test levels followed by proper pct?

    i just don't wanna wait that long if i don't have too

    thx for all ur help