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    Originally posted by Hart31 View Post
    hydrogen peroxide 3% dilluted 1/2 with water~Great for Teeth whitening.
    make sure it's oral grade.
    do you just swoosh it around?


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      Yes, for about a minute, and then I dip my toothbrush in the solution mix and brush my teeth for a bit and then swish more in my mouth for about 30 seconds followed by a rinse of water.


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        Everyone wants to keep his/her skin healthy and glowing. Most of us using skincare products but still failed. I have been using skincare products from an online store selling The Inkey List . They have a range of best beauty brands that don't have diverse effects. These products help to keep skin oil-free and acne-free keeping us to look beautiful.
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          From time to time I take contraceptives, which not only protect against pregnancy. But also have a great effect on the general condition of the female body. The hair looks much stronger and radiant, the skin is cleansed of acne and looks much better. This is all due to the stabilization of hormones.
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            Originally posted by PowerMania View Post
            I just absolutly LOVE at home beauty secrets.
            .... what do you do? what are some tricks that you have up your sleave?
            I just did this **hair softner***
            2tbls olive oil
            2tbl mayo
            1 avocado
            1 egg white
            mix together and put in hair for 15 mins. Wash out and condition.
            I can not keep my hands out of my hair its soooo SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!
            another one i like to do is before i go to sleep i like to put vasoline on my feet and socks on and sleep that way. when i wake up my feet look AWESOME.
            OR this one.. If you got a nasty little pimple... put baking soda toothpaste on it and it will dry that puppy up!
            Thanks for your recipe, I will try it for sure when I will have some free time. Recently I did an experiment on myself and dyed my hair in purple.... It's amazing and even though I have problems with hair, it really didn't hurt my hair at all, of course if you buy it from the right market. Now i have the best purple hair dye in my group of friends.


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              To be beautiful means to be healthy. When a person feels good and is happy, then he looks good from the outside. This is the harmony of the inner and outer world. Therefore, to be beautiful, you need to lead an active lifestyle, eat right and always have a good mood)

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