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vegetarian figure diet

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  • vegetarian figure diet

    I am a full blown meat and potatoes guy but my girl is refuses to eat meat ..I am getting her to soon venture into some fish 3 times a week. Well she will eat diary products but due to the fact she is a chronic asthmatic diary shut be cut out. She loves eggs, but is afraid if she eats to many of them (egg whites ) it is not healthy. I told her that who ever she heard that from was full of shit and probably said over 100 grams of protein for female would cause kidney issues as welll. Now she is also severely estrogen dominant so soy is out as well, So what the hell can she eat get her protein and some dense food. VEggetables are not an issue neither are carbs (yams, lentils,potatoes, rice cakes, seeds and other things. The problem is protein and a variety of it. I was thinking of riceprotein but that crap is not useable by the body. She loves the zero BARS from VPX and eats one of them a day along with eggs and cottage cheese, but to get the protein she needs its way too much dairy because it triggers asmthma. So what options are there. I got her on BCAAS and glutamine, working on her hormone imbalances. She at 152 5'2 body fat 40%. I have her doing 2 hours of cardio a day caloires set at 1200-1400 a day to hopefully maintain her body weight. She can not get to the gym right now so cardio is her only option.. Her thyroid is trashed and not working properly but we have to get the hormone balance in check. Estrogen to progesteroine ratio is out of control. i know this is major cause of her imability to loose weight despite her clean diet and cardio. She gets really frustrated because normal people should have lost 20-30 lbs in the last 3-4 months if they would follow what she has been doing. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm workin on getting better K!!!


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      As a primary care physician, I have recommended a plant based diet to several patients. The patients who have tried it has had significant improvement in the control of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, acne etc and on several occasions were able come down on all or most of the medications for their chronic diseases. If you are running a healthcare business then you may visit here to get developed your healthcare or diet plan app. They have mentioned complete information about the market overview, development process, cost analysis, and data security.
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        Do you think Keto diet is really that good? I would like to get any tips and advice on it here, thanks. I also take some ED pills from Enhance Club, and I would like to find out about how it works while being on a diet. Do you think it is ok? Thanks in advance!
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