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How To 'Monitor' Kid's PC Activity?

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    Originally posted by Beast In The Basement View Post
    Screw some of these comments. They are your KIDS!!! As long as you arent being abusive and they are living under your roof as dependants, then you are within your rights to ask/talk, snoop etc.

    Thats part of the problem with the youth today IMO; we have impowered them far too much with their own sense of "privacy" and "entitlement".

    If you really want to see what your kids are doing, set up some faux accounts, friend them and see how they conduct themselves (how you proceed from there will determine the outcome).

    Not to be religious, but I find it funny that God watches, sees and judges all, but as parents we are supposed to let our kids do what they want??? Privacy etc. are things that are earned as one matures. And even then, can be taken away if one does not excercise responsibility with that privacy. Once your 18 and or on your own, THEN you can call the shots.

    I say talk first. Then if still skeptical, set up monitoring/filter. If behavior and actions become really bad, time for some faux accounts and/or restriction from cyberspace (computer, smartphone etc.)

    Kids suck!!! j/k
    QFT...... Fuck privacy while you ard under your parents roof.... Of course I didn't that way as a kid.... In a sense it's a kids job to try and get away with as much shit as possible.... As a parent it's our job to stop it and keep our kids safe. Some of these posts about a child's right to privacy etc are obviously coming from people who are not parents. When I was very young my mom caught me in my room with a little girl... After that she took my fucking door off! Of course I was pissed then but she did the right thing
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      Originally posted by Jay495 View Post
      Whats happening guys? Okay, here's the deal. My daughter is 14 and lately my wife and I have been concerned with her pc activity.
      Put the pc in a common area rather than in the privacy of her room. Set specific hours of use and let her know that there are rules for her Interwebz use. Enforce consequences if she breaks those rules.

      Originally posted by beef View Post
      They are his kids, but they are not his property.
      The computer is his property. The electric is his responsibility. The roof belongs to him. And probably the furniture he daughter sits upon.

      More importantly, it's his flesh and blood and fair game for him to be watchful over.

      Originally posted by lil mama View Post
      I have two teenagers both boys and the computer is off the dining room( NO DOORS ...ITS AN OPEN AREA)....ya wanna use it then by all means log on and use it but be certain mama is watching you(snip) THEY WILL GET MAD BUT they do get over it especially if they know your doing it for their safety and out of love and concern.

      One thing for sure is if he/she is shutting the screen on comp when ya walk in its because they are doing and saying something they are not suppose to do and something you would not approve of.
      Kudos. Well said!

      Originally posted by GeorgeForemanRules View Post
      A sound beating should work.

      Never had Ritalin or any other drug as a child but I was more than likely undiagnosed ADD or ADHD. What I had instead was Mrs. Lawrence, my 4th grade teacher and her strong arm wielding a solid paddle. Children have no or few consequences in this day and age. That is much to their detriment, imo.


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        I love your comments Curt, true and to the point!
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