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One of my Ball Pythons

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  • One of my Ball Pythons

    yo guys here is my baby male ball python enjoying his meal. He isn't even 2 months old in this vid.






    Mice !!!!

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    i didn't watch because I don't like snakes!


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      I dated a girl who loved snakes and had a few variations of them in her apartment her place was always hot, and always stunk of reptile piss and rodent crap..I love snakes from a distance or on my plate. I have no problem holding them, but raising them is not my cup of tea.

      She used reheat frozen mice for her little ones on a stove, she would let it sit next to stove top, and feed the large ones live rodents, mostly several mice, she didn't like rats ( they scared her).

      Freaky white girl though, she used to teach biology courses in college, she was into some real kinky stuff =)!

      she left to get her PhD in Animal behavior of some sort in, other than that we got along great. Alot of snake owners I've meet tend to be quite and systematic.
      "#KillingShitz #HaterRepz"