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Now THIS is what gets me going Bane - Ali VS Frazier I

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  • Now THIS is what gets me going Bane - Ali VS Frazier I

    When Bane plays this song live it's a fucking explosion of pure positive energy. A great song about facing your problems and giving it your all

    How many more days will you sit
    and talk about your ambitions
    all that you can be
    the person you are dying to be
    the place you want to get to
    but always out of reach
    before that fury swells inside of you
    grows so big that it forever quiets you
    stand up to your demons
    make a run at your goliath
    find the best, find the worst
    waiting in both of you
    not the who or the what that is lasting
    but how you fight
    that is the fight
    the only mark that will not leave you
    and i will feel my heart drum its final beat
    if it meant that i have given this my all
    there's nothing left for me to believe in
    if not you, if not this?what else is there but death?
    It's your call all on you
    give more
    give everything
    give blood

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    When I clicked on the thread I was hoping to hear some hi-octane hair metal. How misleading.
    In search of the hardcore holy grail.


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      Thought this thread was about Ali VS Frazier I

      But it's about some no talent dunce

      How typical

      How boring
      Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


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        Lets improve this lame thread

        Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


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          talentless bands suck ass lets improve this thread

          Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave,I don't wanna die, I'm a God,Why can't I live on?


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            Fucking slayer? Booo... Show No Mercy was good and their album where they cover a bunch of minor threat songs. Bane is talented, super talented, good music. You've just been misled by the heavy metal warlocks and wizardry.