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LGD-4033 + D-BOL + M-DROL

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  • LGD-4033 + D-BOL + M-DROL


    *About 6 big cycles under my belt, tried it all Test, Tren, NPP, Dbol, EQ......
    *Wife HATES AAS UGL mail order stuff, doesnt want me to get into trouble, so going the over the counter route from here on out
    *Was at my best about 6 months ago, 6'1 @ 240 lbs, abs showing 34 inch jeans loose (on AAS)
    *Had a recent family emergency, no gym for last 3-4 months and diet screwed up BUT been on perfect diet and routine straight years prior to that never missed a day.
    *Currently about 215 lbs, same waist size just lost a lot of mass.

    All AAS was thrown out except 125 5mg D-bol's. Also had some random M-DOL (about 40 caps) that a bud gave me a while back, never tried it. Going to try that new Sarm LGD-4033 and use up some left overs for icing on the cake.

    WK 1-12 (4033) Starting @ 1mg/ day-stepping it up slowly...see what adjustments need to be made
    WK 1-6 (D-bol) 15mg/ day- split up into 3 dosages throughout day
    Wk 2-6 (M-drol) 10mg/day- first thing in morning

    Support supps: CEL Cycle Assist & PES Erase (never tried an OTC AI before, will get research chem if this stuff sucks).

    PCT: Will do a standard Research Chem PCT: Clomid and Nolva

    ***I never ran a cycle without a Test base, makes me nervous....wish I had some Cyp to run BUT going the OTC route to make the wife happy...maybe can get on TRT in the future as I am 30 yrs old now :-)

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    P.S. Also planning on using MK-2866 through PCT until next cycle to help with holding onto max mass. Going to read up on long term use (12 weeks +) use of MK-2866 to determine dosage and safety.

    If anyone has suggestions please feel free, Im always open to learn.


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      LGD-4033 came in Friday after work, was on the phone yapping and mistaking took 10 mg (1ml) instead of 1mg (.1). Realized it immediately, felt dizzy and sick...feeling lasted about 1 hour. Decided to run it @ 2mg/day for the next week or two instead of 1mg, since I broke the ice on day 1 with 10 mg.

      Overall nothing to report, just figured I would share that experience. Also some slight d-bol back pumps are starting as I am prone (even @ 15mgs).

      I’ll stop back in on Friday with an update, arms are starting to fill back out fast....its amazing what eating a ton of clean food will do after being lazy for a little bit


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          That was 6 months ago-ish....trying to get back and pass that....will post up pics after this cycle too. Hopefully someone is interested in this


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            Thinking about running Super DMZ 2.0 INSTEAD of M-Drol (havent started it yet). Just now starting to read about PH/DS and everyone has a hard on for DMZ, Im getting excited to try it too.

            Is it safe to stay on 15mg D-BOL and take Super DMZ 2.0?


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              Both are ok but I wouldn't stay on any oral for more the. 3-4wks... Even at a low dose, your body will thank you for not staying on longer.

              WORLD PHARM =


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                Thanks man, good point.... I was thinking of the SARM as harmless but studies did show HDL levels were negatively affected...prob not wise to start stacking a ton of shit with it. I’ll keep it at just the 4033 & 15mg dbol. Food has been making the bigegst difference for me so far, been eating LBS of Sweet Potatoes, COD and Chicken every day...put on about 10 lbs since the 1st of the month when I started. Thinking all the " supps" will kick in soon enough


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                  Very similar "ON" feeling so far, kicked in fast. Strength already shot up, I think this Sarm might do great things for me....Im up to 3 mg daily as of Friday. So far I'm very happy


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                    Everything is going really well so far! Only thing I noticed is my libido is completely gone (this is my first cycle w/o Test) I guess that should be expected. By next cycle I’ll have a TRT script so won’t be an issue. Anyway, I do get light headed when I take the SARM first thing in the morning but it goes away after about 15 min....maybe that’s a spike in BP? On 3mg 4033 + 15 Dbol still, eating lots of good food and just started back with cardio so I don’t get fat. Chest workout was good yesterday, seems like my stamina really increased...I couldn’t get tired. So far so good


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                      Hit back yesterday, strength is way up. I took a break from dead lifts about a year ago after slightly hurting my lower back. I used to do 315 for 3 sets of 10 and that was hard for me. I added 50 lbs. to that yesterday and did them nice and slow with no bounce or cheating. Seemed easier than I remember, this stuff is really working


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                        Recovery is awesome on this stuff, not even sore after deadlifts after not doing them for a year? Never happened before even with high dose AAS, I used to be crippled for a day or two after deads in the past. This stuff is better than AAS, I bet if used on TRT dose it would be even better. Not seeing the quick size like a good old NPP/TEST cycle but its very close.


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                          Every day it gets a little better, absolutely zero DOMS (and sex drive haha). Stamina through the roof in the gym, starting to look jacked again. That about sums it up so far...going to run it for 8-12 weeks. So far Im only 2 weeks in, we'll see how it goes and adjust from there.


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                            Everything good so far, I’m going to come off DBOL today (starting to notice high BP) I'll hit it again with my remaining 2 weeks’ worth at the end of this cycle. Chest today, I feel well rested and strong so we'll see how it goes.

                            I've ALWAYS stayed in the 8-12 range but I might see what I can push in the 6-8 range today


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                              Dropped the D-bol as planned, started @ 4 mg LGD-4033 today. Bench was strong yesterday; stamina through the roof...added 3 sets of Smith Machine Floor presses to my usual route just to feel like I beat up my chest enough. Size gains have slowed down but strength and stamina keeps coming....Im going to add another meal to my day to see if I can keep the size coming