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tren prop sd log, will be adding to the mix soon

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  • tren prop sd log, will be adding to the mix soon

    im starting my log today took sd starting last night, im currently taking tren ace 140 mg daily, t3 at 30 mcg daily just cause im on tren, 100 mg prop daily then 10mg every 6to 8 hours or super dmz **.
    ive been on prop and tren for almost a month so sorry for not logging from square one but i was 245 with more bloat less ab clarity before cycle.
    in time to come ill be incorperating masteron 100mg daily and gh not sure on iu per day yet but ill inform everyone when that comes along.
    i work as a trainer so ill be getting my bf% and weight today before i workout and ill log it, ill also be posting my daily food intake at the end of the day as well,
    Time to transform.
    deadlift max 600
    squat 500 for 5
    bench 315 for 2. hurt the front of my rotator cuff few months back while off cycle so couldnt bench press with a barbell but since im back on it feels great. so im curious to see where my bench gets to

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    Sounds good man. You will get good results from Super DMZ. I will follow along.
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